Expanded polystyrene box consisting of a bottom where the quail or poussins are placed and a top that seals the box hermetically to better maintain temperature.

strech film

Stretch film

Styrofoam tray where the product is placed wrapped in stretch film.

mod MAP

Modified atmosphere or MAP

Styrofoam tray where the product is placed and when sealed the oxygen is sucked out and replaced with nitrogen and CO2 in the most suitable proportions for each product, increasing its shelf life by 3, 4 or 5 days.

skin pack

Skin Pack

A vacuum packaging option with a ‘second skin’ effect that follows the natural shape and contour of the product with exceptional and attractive presentation for the customer. Its main attribute is that it extends the shelf life of the packaged product up to 40%.

individually IQF

Individually quick frozen (IQF)

A freezing system in which each piece is individually and quickly frozen prior to packaging. Normally the pieces are placed in a plastic bag and packaged in a cardboard box.

cardboard p box

Cardboard partridge box

Screen-printed cardboard box with separator.