· All our breeders are carefully selected by hand, in order to achieve the best results in the breeding.

· We select the best females and males, according their fertility and their weight. · Our carefully selection from the beginning, allows us to have the best product.

· All our quails always are fed with a 100% natural and vegetarian diet.


· Once females and males are put together (3 females every 1 male; 6 months life cycle), we get an egg that can be incubated (6 eggs per week).

· These eggs are disinfected and transported to the hatchery facility.

Egg reception

Egg reception from different breeding farms


Temperature 64-68 F


14 days
99 F
(turn over)


3 days 99 F


3 days after 99 F

Transport to farms

Refrigerated lorry


· The company has 100 farms all around Lleida (Catalonia).

· Every farm must comply with European standards in terms of density: less than 90 quails per square meters.

· Urgasa vets visit all farms on a weekly basis in order to monitor the following criterion: water, feed (elaborated by Urgasa), mortality, weight, ventilation and sickness.

· In general terms, quails stay in the farms 30 days aproximately, until they reach around 8.8 Oz and they are transported to the slaughterhouse.

· All the quails have the same age when they are transported from the hatchery to the farms and thus, from farms to the slaughterhouse.

Urgasa Farm